4 Major U.S. Demographic Waves to Watch in New Decade

RISMedia, the leader in real estate information systems, recently published an article entitled “4 Major U.S. Demographic Waves to Watch in New Decade” that is important to you and me, as Westhaven residents.

According to the article “emerging trends in demographics and consumer behavior will become major drivers of new housing opportunities, resulting in a residential market vastly different from the one that existed prior to the recession.”

In my humble opinion, the recession has done a “number” on the American psyche, similar to the impact of The Great Depression on our grandparents and great-grandparents. While this recession didn’t result in quite the same emotional pain and hunger, especially in picturesque, historic Franklin, the mindset of homebuyers has shifted.

This research is important because all four demographics mentioned are looking for pedestrian-friendly, transit-oriented, mixed-use environments that de-emphasize auto dependency. (Can you spell W-E-S-T-H-A-V-E-N?)

Aging Baby Boomers (55 -64 years old) want mixed-age living environments that cater to their active lifestyles in lieu of traditional retirement communities. (W-E-S-T-H-A-V-E-N)

Younger Baby Boomers (46-54 years old) will be drawn to more connected, compactly designed communities. (W-E-S-T-H-A-V-E-N)

Generation Y, the tech-savvy generation, place high value on community and want places to gather and share information, ideas and opinions. They will gravitate toward walkable, close-in communities. (W-E-S-T-H-A-V-E-N)

Immigrants have a tendency to cluster and live in multi-generational households in neighborhoods with a strong sense of community. (W-E-S-T-H-A-V-E-N)

Yes, this article describes this lovely neighborhood to a “T”. It’s no wonder that so many of residents trade within Westhaven, instead of moving out. And it’s no wonder that so many lookers drive through here each weekend, checking us out.

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