Real estate services in the Westhaven, Tennessee area

Walkability…Pedestrian Friendly…Traditional Neighborhood Development or TND…New Urbanism…Mixed Use Development… Call it what you’d like. Just please don’t call Westhaven a “Subdivision”.

Westhaven, just three miles from Historic Franklin, TN, is an updated version of those nostalgic neighborhoods of years gone by. It’s the kind of community where you can walk (or golf-cart) to the grocery story, the elementary school, doctor, dentist, golf course, theater, pools, to a restaurant or shop. Front porches, with their “obligatory” porch swings, are built close to the sidewalks so you can easily chat with your neighbors.

In Westhaven, neighbors actually know each other and watch out for each other—from the comfortability of borrowing a cup of sugar to the outpouring of help should someone become sick. There are clubs, parties, and summer concerts on the lawn to encourage familiarity and fun.

In Westhaven, residents care about others and show it through their charitable causes and volunteerism. There are Concerts, 5K runs, Courtyard Tours, Holiday Home Tours with proceeds going to local causes.

If you haven’t seen Westhaven recently, you owe yourself a visit. The architecture, amenities, culture, and horticulture are premier. I’ve lived in Westhaven since the beginning and love it. I’d love to give you a tour.

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